Quality Products for the All-around Waterman

Thanks to your support, 2017 marks our 18th year in business.  Valuable feedback from our test team, water safety professionals and customers has aided us in refining our product line.  HSA produces products to address the specific needs of the most demanding water safety professionals and recreational enthusiasts today.
The overview above depicts what we at HSA refer to as our complete “Bow to Stern” setup.  Whether your use is water rescue, tow surfing, blue water fishing or extreme recreational use, our accessories and rescue boards address the specific needs of the most demanding customer in the market today.
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H.S.A. Custom Projects

High Surf Accessories prides itself in the ability to create custom boards and platforms in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Please contact us directly for all inquiries regarding custom manufacturing.

For new customers or returning customers with questions, we encourage you to contact us,  Simply leave an explanation of your questions/needs, email address and a phone number and we will get back to you shortly. Mahalo!