Rescue Boards

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The HSA Rescue board collection is built around performance, integrity and durability. Our constant interaction with the various agencies we service, our own daily use of our products, as well as excellent rapport with PWC manufacturers allow us to be the trendsetters in outfitting the PWC industry. Today the most efficient method of rough water rescue is using the quick and agile PWC with an attached rescue board. The addition of an HSA rescue board transforms the PWC from a recreational toy to a work platform. HSA has come a long way since our humble beginnings (the standard was the first product we made) and we are pleased to announce the first ever tow-specific rescue board, and the only fishing specific board, added to the HSA line. As technology is evolving, HSA’s passion and commitment to providing the best products and service is unparalleled. All of our boards come with interchangeable nosecones, rigging and handles. If a part wears or breaks, it can easily be replaced. (See Construction page). These innovations make the HSA rescue boards the best on the market. Whatever your application, HSA has the knowledge, resources and skills to produce products specific to your needs.

    The Standard

    08 Oct The Standard

    Price: $1650.00

    Dimensions 5″X38″X68″. Our best seller and benchmark for performance. Top choice of rescue professionals. Allows for both 1 person and 2 person pickups. Agile performance and large enough to strap on a couple of boards. (Tow surf version comes with cargo bungee).

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    The Tow Board

    08 Oct The Tow Board

    Price: $1950.00

    Dimensions: 5″x42″ (widest point) x71″. Ultimate utility platform specific for tow surfing ability to load two boards side by side. Extra floatation/volume for chilling between sets. Elliptical outline. Tail and handle layout specificc for boarding while padding a tow or surfboard. Short rope tail.

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    The Cutter

    07 Oct The Cutter

    Price: $1800.00

    Dimensions 5″x38″x74″ For those who want more cargo capacity such as sailboarders, divers and tow surfers who need more space for gear. Recommended for bigger body types (185lbs and over) and in cold water area’s where being high & dry reduces exposure

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