Essential Hardware


At HSA each product is designed for a specific purpose. Although each component functions separately, they are ALL necessary. Whether you are operating your PWC in a high surf environment, in swift water or a day on the lake, it is essential to have a properly outfitted PWC. We often refer to the sum of all of our essential hardware as our ‘bow to stern system’.

Bow Tow Rope

Allows PWC to be towed by another watercraft when in distress (a.k.a. swamped). Allows PWC to be spring tied in harbor. Prevents your PWC from moving around in strong harbor currents. Allows PWC to tether off to other vessels & moorings in the ocean.

Cost $55.00

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Stock lanyards provided by the PWC manufactures are of poor quality. We encourage you to turn your stock lanyard into a spare lanyard that is permanently mounted to your handle bars. In turn, the Lanyard we supply you becomes your primary lanyard. The HSA lanyard comes with a beefy Velcro 1″ webbing wrist strap, a whistle and it has the ability to clip onto your vest.

Cost $30.00

Hatch and Seat straps

In the beginning, PWCs were exposed to the forces of giant surf with no protection, and lost. Crude straps reduced the forces of the surf from tearing the PWCs completely apart. HSA initially started with those crude straps and over time refined them into the multi-purpose accessory they are today. Key feature are; high grade stainless contact points, beefy 2″ webbing, nyloc buckles, webbing loops for attaching additional gear in the gunnels and the very popular #3 strap handle. The hatch and seat strap kits greatly reduce the potential for the front hatch and the seats of your PWC to be separated from the craft in dynamic water conditions. All hardware is durable and the highest grade stainless steel manufactured. All mounting hardware needed to install is included. HSA hatch and seat strap kits are designed specifically to your year, make and model PWC. Please specify between Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Sea Doo when ordering.

Cost $225.00

Strap Set UpTo see how to install this item go to support page.

Quick Release Assembly

Stainless steel snap shackle with 1″ tubular loop webbing attached to pull pin. Other end of tubular loop webbing is attached to the hull on the port side near the operator’s calf which allows operator to deploy ANYTHING attached to quick release effortlessly and instantly. With one pull you can be separated from any potential hazards for the operator or the rider.

Cost $100.00

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Mounting Hardware Kit

PWCs were never designed or engineered to accommodate Rescue Boards. Our extensive time on the water has proven that basic wear can occur between the PWC and rescue board interface. HSA addresses this by creating numerous mount kits depending on the year, make and model of your PWC. Please specify when ordering between Honda, Yamaha, Sea Doo and Kawasaki. Strategically placed hardware and abrasion material allow the rescue board to function seamlessly with your PWC, and reduces wear & tear on the craft and rescue board.  A properly rigged rescue board provides a smoother ride for people and payload.

Cost $110.50-$150.50

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Traction kits

Operating a PWC in dynamic water is like dancing. Your feet are constantly moving and adjusting to direction change & what lies ahead. By outfitting your PWC gunnels with our EVA traction kits you create a total usable surface area for your feet and other items. Once hard, slippery and hazardous, you are now able to grip easier with the traction kits which make the gunnels more functional. This is our newest product, and hands down one of our most popular. Please specify when ordering between Honda, Yamaha, Sea Doo and Kawasaki. Provides superior traction for PWC operator. Increases contact & traction for toes, heels and calf while wedged in gunnels. Greatly reduces hard surface area with respect to falling or human contact. Great for wedging dive tanks in position. Protects surfboards from damage when carried in gunnel areas during transit.

Cost $300.00 – $350.00

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