From years of product development with Rescue Craft Agencies, surfing’s elite, the military and our own test team, HSA has developed a line of accessories that you will find useful. Regardless of where you are deploying or what you are bringing, HSA accessories have you covered.

    Fin Belt

    08 Oct Fin Belt

    Price: $45.00

    In dynamic water conditions you’re at a huge disadvantage without swim fins. Having swim fins on your person and easily accessible is critical. The HSA fin belts not only provide you access to your swim fins at the push of a plastic clip, but also…

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    Big Foot

    08 Oct Big Foot

    Price: $1200.00 – $1500.00

    The Big Foot sand trailer allows you to get your PWC from the waters edge to a road trailer regardless of what lies in between. Our specially sourced hand winch has a 5:1 pulling ratio. This ratio is an asset for hauling today’s heavy PWCs…

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