What we really love to do, Make Rescue Boards!

It is widely accepted that the Hawaiian Lifeguards pioneered what today is the most efficient method of rough water rescue.

By using a quick and agile Personal Water Craft, with an attached rescue board, they were effectively able to rescue swimmers and surfers, often before serious trouble ensued. Using the proactive philosophy of proper preparation and risk assessment, today PWCs and necessary accessories are invaluable tools when in extreme ocean conditions.

The Hawaiian Lifeguards believe that you can never be too prepared and at High Surf Accessories we share the same philosophy. We have proudly manufactured equipment for the Hawaiian Lifeguards for the past 13 years. We work closely with the lifeguard and rescue agencies in the Hawaiian Islands to develop products that enhance the rescue capabilities of the PWC. Our unique products are used by Navy Seals, Professional Rescue Personnel, and Tow Surfers worldwide.

Our state of the art designs, while performance driven, are durable enough to withstand the most extreme ocean conditions in the world. We never sacrifice quality for cost. Safety is our highest priority and we always use the finest materials.

HSA was born on the North Shore of Oahu when waterman Mike Slattery began to fabricate rescue products for his own personal use. Collaborating with lifeguards like Archie Kalepa, Terry Ahue and Darrick Doerner, it wasn’t long before Slattery was outfitting PWCs for others. Today Mike Slattery is considered one of the world’s authorities on PWC rescue equipment. He regularly lectures at industry related venues including the United States Lifeguard Association’s National Conference and the State of Hawaii’s Tow Surfing Certification Courses.

At HSA our mission is to equip you with the best safety gear for your PWC. We aim to help you outfit your PWC with the best products possible so that you too can be properly prepared when braving the elements. Safety First.

Mike - Rescue Boards

More about Mike!

Mike Slattery has been designing and manufacturing water rescue equipment and outfitting Personal Water Crafts (PWCs) since 1997. This former professional skier’s love for the ocean eventually drew him back to Hawaii, where he began to hone his skills in surfing and windsurfing.

Accustomed to operating on the edge, Slattery was struck by the lack of ocean related safety equipment. The equipment designed for his personal use was soon noticed and employed by Hawaiian water safety professionals. High Surf Accessories was born in 1998 when Slattery began to outfit PWCs with accessories that enhanced the crafts’ rescue capabilities. Mike Slattery is considered the authority on PWC rescue equipment and outfitting.

A certified PWC Rescue Craft Instructor, he regularly lectures at the State of Hawaii Tow Surfing Certification Course as well as the United States Lifeguard Association Conferences. HSA has outfitted PWCs used worldwide by Lifeguard agencies, police and fire departments, Navy Seals and tow-in surfers. Mike Slattery and HSA products have appeared on Outdoor Life Network, Discovery Channel, water rescue features, countless tow-in surfing videos, and in numerous surfing publications.

Mike Slattery

Handle Attachment Points

Underneath the surface of our boards is a 3″x4″ deron rod stock which is fastened into the core with epoxy. From there the top skin and deck pad are fused to the core with heat welding. To secure our handles we use a 12”x2” stainless steel screw/ washer combo. The fastening results we achieve have no sharp surfaces to come in contact with.

Deck Bungee Cord

For the surfer or adventurer carrying cargo, the deck bungee allows you to effortlessly pack gear on the rescue board for smooth or rough water travel to your favorite spot. Rescue agencies only get bungee on request. Although an asset for certain applications, a bungee cord can be an entrapment hazard for other applications.

Side Attachment Points

The purpose of the side stabilizer points is to damper the side to side movement of the rescue board. The heavy gauge marine bungee is engineered to bring the rescue board back to center after dynamic PWC direction changes. Much like steering dampening on your automobile.

Center Attachment Points

With our extensive time on the water, we have come up with an attachment system that interfaces the PWC and rescue board. The center attachment point keeps the rescue board secure to the stern with a constant forward and downward tension. This rigging technique is essential to the handling of PWCs & reduces premature wear on both the nose cone and PWC.

Rail Material

Our rail material is 8lb. per cubic inch polypropylene material. It is dense enough to be abrasion resistant, but soft enough to be forgiving with hard contact to the body. (Rails can be branded for private label projects.)

Molded Nose Cone

The molded nose cone covers all the abrasion areas of our rescue boards. This helps prolong the rescue board and PWC hull from excessive wear. Our nose cone is a vacuum formed .350 gauge HMWPP plastic. The nose cone covers all potential wear areas on our entire rescue board product line. As time and use wears the nose cone, we can simply replace it vs. having to replace the entire board. This is a theme we carry through our rescue board product in ALL wear components area.

The Final Product

You can never be too prepared when braving the dangerous conditions of the open ocean. While out doing what you love it is imperative that your equipment is of high quality.This same attention to detail is evident in our entire product line as we spare no expense on materials we believe in. Our Rescue Boards have been tested & refined with the best products possible so that you too can be properly prepared. Safety First.