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Here we will show you all the right placement and the correct setup for your Honda Hatch and Seat Strap Kit & Mount Kit.

The ski shown below is a Honda F-15.  Other Honda models may have slightly different strap placement or alignment, mostly the #1 strap.  If you have any questions, please call us.

Honda F-15 Strap Set Up


1. Each strap is labeled either 1,2,3 or 4 on the kit’s enclosed instruction sheet. This denotes the order that they are attached from the bow (front) of the boat to the stern (Back).

**Note, it’s uniform to keep all buckles on the left side of the ski.**

2. The #1 has 2 straps.  One for each side of the front hatch.  Attach the stainless steel bracket parallel with the hatch, and as close to the seam as possible.  Mark holes where drilling is needed. Drill holes and attach rivets.  Repeat for opposite side.



3.The #2 strap is used to keep the sunglass storage and the sides of the front seat from opening up. Align this strap by placing the buckle so the tip of it is just short of the ending of the seat, place strap so it covers the sunglass storage and continues over the other side of the seat. Remove rivets and mark holes where drilling is needed. Drill holes and attach rivets. Repeat for opposite side.*

*Note, there is a loop on one side of the strap, this is for an optional use of attaching Velcro, rope, carabineer or some other type of attachment to hold rope securely in gunnel while in transport**




4. The #3 Strap is aligned so that the handle is centered over the rear of the front seat.  Level the #3 bracket so that the strap pulls evenly upward. Attach stainless steel bracket by drilling holes and riveting in place.


5. The # 4 Strap is attached by stainless steel rivets attached to black plastic seat cradle under the rear seat.  Simply line up the diagonal edge of strap under the top lip of the seat cradle.  Remove rivets to mark where drilling is needed.  Drill holes and attache rivets. Repeat for opposite side.

Return seats and pull straps tight. Ready to go!

Honda Mount Kits

Honda F-12 Mounting Hardware Kit   




Honda Center U-Bolt

1. Use the 1⁄4 inch U-bolt (the biggest of the three) and the plastic backing plate for this attachment point. Mount the U-bolt in a vertical position in the area that would be right above where the rescue board will rub.

**Note, this area can be found simply by manually holding the rescue board in place and marking the free area.**




2. When drilling the holes for the U-bolt, it is easiest to use the metal plate that attaches to the U-bolt as a guide to where the hole should be drilled.  Position the plate where you want to attach the U-bolt, and use a pencil to mark where to drill on the plastic backing plate. Remember the backing plate goes between the hull and the U-bolt, so place the backing plate in position and mark drilling area on the backing plate and drill through the plastic and the hull of the PWC at once. This will ensure that the holes match up.

3. Insert U-bolt into holes and tighten nuts in this order: metal plate, lock washers, nuts and nylon locking nuts. (A deep socket works best)

**Note, on certain models of PWC it might be necessary for a second person to hold the exhaust out of the way for easier access to the inner hull**

Honda “Bone” Abrasion Plate






4. The F -12′s “Bone” abrasion piece is positioned at the stern of the ski, see above.  The Bone piece comes with holes pre drilled.  First line up the piece on the stern, mark and drill out two holes at opposite ends of the piece.   Once you have the holes drilled, secure the bone piece in to location by placing the given rivets and washers in the holes you just drilled.  Do not rivet them in yet. This secures the piece in place so your remaining holes will be lined up correctly.

Once you have the bone piece held into place with the first 2 rivets,  drill out each additional hole found on the bone piece.  Once you have the holes drilled, it’s time to place the remanning  rivets and washers in the open holes and finally rivet them in.

Honda Side U- Bolts

1. The side U-bolts should be attached in an area that would put the stabilizing shock cord at a 45 degree angle. This area tends to be about an inch inside of a bump (screw cover) in the side cooping.

2. Use the metal plate from the U-bolt as a guide to mark where to drill the holes in the PWC. Drill holes.

3. Insert U-bolts into hole and tighten nuts in this order: metal plate,lock washers, nuts and nylon locking nuts. (A deep socket works best)

Finished and hooked up!

Honda Quick Release Set Up


** note; newer Hondas will not have separate bolts, it is one solid piece. In this case, either get bolts that will fit, or simply use duck tape to cover the holes **

Attach the U-bolt centered vertically between the two holes.

** Note: the slack in the webbing should not be too loose that it passes more that halfway down the side of the gunnels, but not too tight as it will engage the shackle unwontedly.


F-15 Mounting Hardware Kit instructions, coming soon.  Work in progress.