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Mike - Rescue Boards

“At HSA, our mission is to equip you with the best safety gear for your PWC — be it surfing, fishing, diving or rescue, our aim is to aid you in the outfit of your PWC. Safety first!”

Mike Slattery


High Surf Accessories came about when Mike Slattery purchased a Personal Watercraft (PWC) and went looking for safety equipment to outfit it for dynamic water conditions.  With the help of watermen Guy Pere, Terry Ahue & Darrick Doerner, it wasn’t long before HSA was outfitting PWCs for others.


It is widely accepted that the Hawaiian Lifeguards pioneered what today is the most efficient method of rough water rescue.  Using the agile PWC, with an attached rescue board, Hawaiian Lifeguards were able to efficiently rescue swimmers and surfers, often before serious trouble ensued.  Today, the PWC and rescue board combo is considered a standard setup for ocean safety worldwide.


The Hawaiian Lifeguards believe that you can never be too prepared, and at High Surf Accessories, we share that philosophy.  We have proudly manufactured equipment for the Hawaiian Lifeguards and Professional Rescue Personnel for the past 17 years.  We work closely with rescue agencies throughout the Hawaiian Islands and abroad in order to develop and refine our products. We are dynamic and ever-evolving, with the primary intention to enhance the rescue capabilities of the PWC.


High Exposure

Many rescue agencies that operate jet skis on a daily basis have a high exposure to UVdamage. For this reason, HSA recommends using our standard light grey deck and yellow rail color combination for agencies located near the equator. The light grey deck  offers less heat absorption, while the yellow rails increase visibility on the water.

Board Covers

For jet skis that are sitting idle in the sun for most of the day, we highly recommend using our HSA rescue board covers. Storing and protecting the slick skin on the bottom of the board will greatly reduce UV exposure and preserve its life cycle in the long run.

Customizing Agency Jet Skies

For agencies interested in customizing their fleet, we offer vinyl decals tailored to fit your RWC. These decal kits include two top side panel stickers and two waterline stickers, including a front emblem or logo, which is optional.