Rope Systems

HSA is the only company to produce a line of tow ropes and handles specific to tow-surfing. We continually source new materials to bring you the most advanced equipment possible. All ropes & handles are quality crafted with safety and function in mind. Please note that these tow ropes are not for heavy static pulling. These ropes were not designed for dragging your PWC on the sand on a remote beach with your truck.

    Quick Release Assembly

    08 Oct Quick Release Assembly

    Price: $100.00

    Stainless steel snap shackle with 1″ tubular loop webbing attached to pull pin. Other end of tubular loop webbing is attached to the hull on the port side near the operator’s calf allows operator to deploy ANYTHING attached to quick release effortlessly and instantly. With…

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    The Handles

    08 Oct The Handles (Regular & Braided Leader)

    Price: $87.50 & $112.50

    Inside diameter is considerably smaller than a water ski handle. Designed to greatly reduce the potential of an arm, leg or head entrapment. Grip is extra cushy, EVA rubber that reduces hand & finger fatigue. The braided handle is the same as 12” handle with…

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    The Old School (Our First Tow Specific Rope)

    08 Oct The Old School (Our First Tow Specific Rope)

    Price: $210.00 per rope

    Tow surfers have loved this rope for years. The “old school” is the first rope we produced specific to tow-surfing. 1 1/4″ diameter hollow core polypropylene material. All ropes float & do not absorb water. All HSA ropes incorporate a Delron thimble (PWC attachment point)…

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    The Hybrid

    08 Oct The Hybrid

    Price: $265.00 per rope

    A marriage of the old School and the Cushy (retired) to give you the best of both worlds and our recommended “go-to” rope.

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