PWC Fishing Equipment

PWC Fishing Equipment

PWC Blue Water fishing is growing in popularity in New Zealand, South Africa, Hawaii and all over the world!  Based in Hawaii, HSA took interest in Blue Water fishing early on.  HSA has developed a product line specific to blue water fishing. Because HSA puts your safety first, we are proud to offer a full package of PWC fishing equipment to get you out there. Our Pole Holder, Hand lines and large dimension rescue boards are specifically designed for your safely, efficiency and catching the big ones!


The FISH Board –  the largest Rescue Board in our line up.
Cost $ 2150.00
Dimensions 5″ X 48″ X 78″

Floating capacity is 400lbs.

We have created this board with help from our PWC fishing friends with their  safety and catch in mind.


The HSA Swiveling Pole Holder
Cost $ 450.00 
Our heavy duty Stainless Steel Pole Holder comes with all the hardware needed for attaching it to your PWC.

The HSA Hand Line
Cost $ 125.00 

We Love a good fish story!  Please share your PWC fishing stories with us! 
Will James
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